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Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

Whether your business has 3 or 300 PCs, the data you are managing could be the most important asset you own. Infotech will build redundancy into your network to protect against system or component problems. Protecting your data from system failure is the first step in data protection. Are you also protected against fire and/or theft? If you did lose your data for any reason, how quickly can you retrieve it? Can you retrieve it at all?

At Infotech, we are serious about protecting your data. System redundancy, a scalable and reliable backup solution, a consistent backup schedule and a plan for disaster recovery are key to protecting and retrieving your data. A solid plan for backups is a critical member of Infotech’s suite of pro-active Technology assesment services.

Solutions we Provide:

Technology Assessment & Planning
Technology Project Management
Managed Service Agreements Available
Software Audits / Compliancy Service
Data Protection and Disaster Recovery
E-mail Solutions / Web Hosting
Remote Access Solutions
Anti-Spam / Anti-Virus Solutions
Network Infrastructure / Security
Personal Computer Repair and Tune-up

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