Assessment & Planning

The staff at Infotech Solutions will provide a road map for your company’s technology investments. We consider not only performance but how the technology we recommend affects your productivity and, ultimately, your bottom line.

Infotech Solutions offers a complete line of information technology services that complete one goal: helping your business run smoothly and be prepared for anything. Whether you're looking for a preventative maintenance solution to keep IT cost predictable and avoid expensive computer problems, or a disaster recovery plan to get you back online quickly after an emergency, our technology experts will meet with you to understand your business, and your IT needs, so that we can find the solution that's right for you. We also do complete security solutions. Whether your business has 3 or 300 PCs, the data you are managing could be the most important asset you own. Infotech will build redundancy into your network to protect against system or component problems. Protecting your data from system failure is the first step in data protection. Are you also protected against fire and/or theft? If you did lose your data for any reason, how quickly can you retrieve it? Can you retrieve it at all?

Design and Installation

A professionally designed, installed and well-maintained network infrastructure will keep your staff productive, protect and preserve your data and extend the life of your PCs and printers. This should always include appropriate yet scalable software & equipment with the correct specifications. Does this sound expensive? Not so in comparison to employee downtime, loss of your important data or even the loss of clients due to your inability to meet their needs or deadlines—not to mention emergency support and data recovery costs. The staff at Infotech will take into consideration your business needs, goals and budget in designing a network for your business. Whether you need a LAN, WAN or VPN solution, our professional technical staff will ensure that your network is properly installed and will stand behind our work. At Infotech, your success is our business! Contact us for a free initial consultation and let us help your business get to the next point with a reliable network infrastructure.

Network Security

Infotech recommends a comprehensive approach to protecting your important business information & equipment from outside intruders. It is somewhat like locking the doors to your business and activating the alarm when you leave for the day. You wouldn’t set the alarm and leave the door open, right? A quality firewall to protect against hackers and an up to date network antivirus are key to protecting your network. A sophisticated virus can take your network down and could corrupt or even delete your data. These things along with using the security features in current network operating systems and establishing some guidelines or policies for the users of your systems is a simple but well-rounded approach to securing your network. Most viruses are inflicted through email however not the only thing you need to be prepared to defend against. Another important element is Spam Prevention.

Technology Project Management

The staff at Infotech can coordinate and oversee the more difficult projects. Office moves, remodels or additions require a variety of contractors. Your Technology Partner should be involved from the outset to ensure careful planning for any changes to your electronic infrastructure. We make sure that your project is completed in a timely manner and with the fewest possible errors. Server rooms and wiring closets require attention to detail. Important details like temperature control or having enough electrical outlets and dedicated circuits may be missed without knowledgeable management. Timing of the various project stages is an important consideration. With Infotech on your side, you can have your computer network in place at the right time and properly tested before you begin to use it.

Remote Access Solutions

Virtual Private Networking is a great way to connect remote offices and remote users to your corporate network. Using the internet as a transport mechanism VPNs create a secure "tunnel" for network data to travel back and forth. Infotech offers Software VPN Solutions, Firewall-to-Firewall VPN Solutions, and Thin Client Solutions. Another type of remote access is when your system allows your IS partner to access your systems or network for support or maintenance. This system is one way to keep your support costs down. Contact us now to learn more about remote access or the many Support solutions we can provide.

FREE Technology Assessment!

At Infotech Solutions, we are committed to your long-term success and are ready to be your trusted IT partner. Contact us to learn more about our FREE Technology Assessment Service.

  • Initial Fact Finding Meeting
    • Discuss the technology issues/challenges
    • Future technology plans
  • On-site Evaluation of existing technology
  • Documentation of Evaluation & Recommendations
  • Follow-up meeting to discuss vulnerabilities, priorities, & timelines

“Business Technology” Self Questionnaire:

If you are unsure or can not answer any of the below questions about your IT environment it is time to call Infotech Solutions today!

  1. Is your data being backed up off-site or locally?
    If Yes, Do you know where it is stored and do you know if it is successful?
  2. Do you use corporate anti-virus (Not FREE AV)?
    1. Are the machines up to date?
    2. How do you know if a virus is detected?
    3. Do you perform regular full scans?
  3. Are you maintaining operating system patches?
    Do you verify all machines are up to date?
  4. Do you access your work computer from home or the road?
    Do you know if it is secure?
  5. Are you paying attention to warnings that may pop up on your machine?
  6. Are you getting help with computer issues or recurring issues.
  7. Are your online banking passwords secured and where are they stored?
  8. Do you run your computer under a limited account or with an administrative account?
  9. Do you use and enable firewalls?
  10. Do you make use of VPN connections?

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