Data BackUp

Ultimate security and storage for your data.

Whether your business has 3 or 300 PCs, the data you are managing could be the most important asset you own. Infotech will build redundancy into your network to protect against system or component problems. Protecting your data from system failure is the first step in data protection. Are you also protected against fire and/or theft? If you did lose your data for any reason, how quickly can you retrieve it? Can you retrieve it at all? Protect your servers, applications, desktops and laptops from any disaster by directly backing up your business critical data into our cloud. Infotech Solutions backup plans will ensure your backups are monitored, encrypted, and tested so they are ready when you need them. Protect multi-platform, multi-site including applications, databases, servers and endpoints from data loss. Data is backed up off-site and replicated to multiple geographical locations. Restore your data anytime and anywhere.

Plan Features:

  • Daily monitoring of successful and failed backups
  • Data is protected in transit (256-bit SSL) and at rest (AES-256) to ensure data security at all times
  • Enterprise back-up options for SQL databases, Exchange servers, etc
  • Multi-tier replication options available. Ask about it TODAY!*
  • Failures automatically investigated and corrected
  • Block Level incremental backups
  • Off-site and local backup options
  • Modification of backups when data or infrastructure changes
  • Monitoring and Maintenance of existing solutions available**